XYZ (On Team Development)


In 2013-14 I had the privilege of coaching Tere Pérez, a second-year MBA student in Stanford’s Leadership Fellows program, and she created this simple but powerful exercise to help the group of first-year students she was coaching better understand how they were working together. It’s not just for MBAs–any team could use it to explore their ongoing development:

Have each member of the team write down their answers to the following statements:

Since we started, our team has become [X].

My greatest contribution to the team has been [Y].

I’ll get more out of our time together if I [Z].

After everyone has finished taking notes, address each of the three topics as a group. Be sure to elicit input from everyone–this may require a structured process of reporting out before open discussion.

For Further Reading

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Photo via the Spline Doctors.

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